Tim Wilborn, Attorney at Law
Licensed Only In Oregon
P.O. Box 370578
Las Vegas, Nevada 89137
Voice: (702) 240-0184

Tim Wilborn limits his practice to Social Security and SSI Disability appeals for claimants who live in Oregon.  He is not accepting new cases.

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In 2013, Tim Wilborn and co-authors Ralph Wilborn and Etta L. Wilborn published a book of detailed instructions for applicants who are trying to navigate the difficult process of completing Social Security's application for disability benefits (SSD and/or SSI):

The Wilborn Method, Social Security Disability: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Benefits; Initial Application Level.

The Wilborn Method is a how-to manual for (non-blind) disabled adult claimants who are applying for Social Security Disability or SSI Disability benefits and whose claims are at the initial application level. In a recent study, Social Security revealed that about six of every ten disability applications were denied at the initial level. Even worse, only about one in four of those denied claims ever was won on appeal. In other words, if you don't win at the initial level, there's only about a one in four chance you ever will! You need to make your strongest case for disability at the initial application level, where your chances of winning are best. But how? This book explains that in detail.

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Social Security sometimes asks a lay witness to provide additional evidence about a claimant. Our second book is for the witness:

The Wilborn Method, Social Security Disability: A Guide for the Lay Witness; The Function Report—Adult—Third Party Form.

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