Many of the first books were sold to people who know the authors: disability representatives and workers in social service positions. The first feedback we received regarding the book was from professionals who help disabled people apply for disability benefits. Later, disabled claimants who bought and used the book started posting reviews.  The reviews copied below were posted on Amazon.  Some of these reviews were lost when we updated the book and posted the update under a different Amazon listing.

The following review was written by Mellani Calvin, of Disability Benefits Training & Consulting, LLC, in Portland, Oregon.

By Mellani Calvin, June 16, 2013, What a Helpful Workbook:

This book is fantastic and so badly needed! It is a workbook written for people applying for their own benefits.

I will be heartily promoting it to all that attend my lectures and programs throughout the Northwest and beyond. As an advocate for people with disabilities, early claim understanding and intervention is exactly why I have been doing seminars for the last three years on behalf of people with severe disabilities. The legal disability criteria, the complicated initial applications and accompanying forms are completely misunderstood by the general public. This is a seriously under-served niche in the legal community and I so applaud the authors of this book for "going there."

I firmly believe the initial application is the point at which claimants need educated help the most in order to keep their very legitimate cases out of the horrific national backlog. Two thirds of Americans that apply for their benefits are denied in their first attempt. So often, a severely impaired person filing a claim for their disability benefits can barely manage their pain, medications and other severe symptoms let alone a bureaucratic labyrinth of deadlines and mountains of forms they do not understand. They desperately need help to get their claims approved the first time instead of being denied, appealing twice and waiting two years to see a judge for an hour to plead their case. That is, of course, if they are not too sick and discouraged to appeal the official denial they got the first time.

There is a real lack of help out there to get it right the first time. Folks have no clue what the Social Security Administration does with the information they ask for on their highly unusual and superficial forms. Yes and no check boxes are not going to cut it when trying to explain how disabled one is in the things that prevent them from working. One of SSA's forms actually has a person guessing how many pounds they had to lift and how far they had to carry it during their jobs for a whole 15 years worth of work. What?!! None of it makes any sense and some of it seems outright ridiculous. Yet, by "guessing" at the answers to many of these strange questions one can do damage to their case for years.

I have always felt that as a disability advocate it is my ethical responsibility to help people as much as possible from the very beginning of their claims and to not wait until they have been denied to get involved. In that regard, I believe I am helping not only the person who cannot work anymore but the Social Security Administration as well to keep legitimate cases out of the national backlog. This new Wilborn book is a very valuable tool for those who feel the way I do.


We don't know if this reviewer is a claimant or a representative, but another 5-star reviewer commented on Mellani's review:

I have to agree with Mellani. This book is a "must have" if you are either filing a claim or helping someone file a claim. Clearly written and easy to understand!


The following message was received from an attorney colleague:

I have been practicing [Social Security] disability for twenty five years and can tell you the book has given me some great tips. I am convinced that cases are won starting at the initial level. This will be required reading for my staff. Thanks.


Another 5-star reviewer (apparently also an attorney) had this and more to say:

Mr. Wilborn has done an excellent job of setting forth the background necessary for a successful disability claim. It will be quality training for new staff members. I work in this field and intend to use it that way for my staff.... Wilborn's ideas can make the difference.


This 5-star review was posted on Amazon:

5.0 out of 5 stars Got my claim approved FIRST TRY!, March 4, 2014, Amazon Verified Purchase
I wasn't sure about the Social Security Disability process, and bought a few books on the subject. This was the only book I found that claimed to help get benefits at the initial determination level, so I got it. It was similar to the other books, but some of the major helpful differences were the 'pointers' that were described throughout the book. One of the BIGGEST was the consistency factor...about how you need to be consistent from start to finish with all of your answers, or your credibility will be diminished. With that fact in mind, I used the included forms to help develop my claim. The book helped in clearly detailing a plan of action in helping get the process rolling and establishing the groundwork for a favorable outcome.

The above reviewer also bought and reviewed a different disability book on Amazon. His review of that book boils down to this: Buy The Wilborn Method instead.


Another Amazon reviewer had this to say:

I thought it was well written. It covered the process of filing a claim with lots of tips. Good for the price.


A 5-star reviewer made these comments:

Helped tremendously with the process. A must have if applying for disability. Full of good ideas that you wouldn't think of.