The Wilborn Method, Social Security Disability: A Guide for Lay Witnesses: The Function ReportAdultThird Party Form

This is a how-to guide for a lay witness who is helping another person apply for Social Security Disability or SSI Disability benefits. This book shows family members and friends of the disabled person how to answer questions on the Function ReportAdultThird Party form to give a clear and accurate picture of the disabled person’s impairments and limitations. Some of Social Security’s questions on this form are straightforward. Others aren’t. For those that aren’t, the book explains why Social Security is asking the question, how Social Security will use the information the lay witness gives, and how much detail Social Security needs. The book explains how to answer each question on the form to maximize the chances that help provided by the witness will result in the disabled person’s application being approved at the earliest possible stage.

This book is for you if you are helping a Social Security Disability or SSI applicant complete the initial application or reconsideration forms, or if you have been asked to complete the Function ReportAdultThird Party form. This book is a companion book to The Wilborn Method, Social Security Disability: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Benefits, Initial Application Level, which is available on Amazon. The two books may be used together or individually.

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